Shaun O’Malley - Residence Life Director at University of Maine - Machias

  “CUT: Teens and Self-Injury is a documentary that works to demystify the signs and symptoms around the topic of self injury during an age when self-injury and cutting has become an ever growing concern among teenagers and college students. Greatly needed and one of the only documentaries of its time, CUT: Teens and Self-Injury should be used as a sounding board inspiring high school, college and university officials to discuss the important issues surrounding self-injury.” 

Nancy Worcester, Ph.D. UW-Madison Professor in Women's Studies

  "I am so excited to finally have this tremendous much needed resource on teen cutting. I am anxious to make sure the widest range of health workers, health educators, and health activists see the film and share it with anyone who cares about teens." 

Columbia Spectator

  “CUT is powerful and effective because there are no black screens. Rather than a collection of stories and facts, it is made up of faces and scars. It reveals the diverse array of individuals who participate in acts of self-harm. It empowers self-harmers to come forward and speak without fear and encourages friends and family to address the issue openly and without judgment.”

Mariamne H. Whatley Professor, Curriculum & Instruction and Women's Studies University of Wisconsin

  “This is an extremely valuable film that I plan to show to both my pre-service teachers in health education and my students in women's studies." 

Cindy Visbaras, Health Educator, Bates College

  "You really have found a way to reach people with your film on self injury and to impart a sense of compassion and understanding. The film "CUT" masters a difficult subject with genuine testimonials, expert information, artwork, and music. I highly recommend this film to anyone working with youth from middle school through college." 

Joseph Russell, Residence Life Director at the University of Vermont

  "I think CUT has really opened the door for conversation about self-injury in ways that some of our students have never been exposed to before. Since the film's screening I have been contacted by several students looking for more information on self-injury. It sounds like everyone who saw the film has been telling their friends about it and more people want to see the film."